Leadership Team

Assistant Superintendent: Kirk Lattimore

Board Member:  Dr. Chris Kolb

Principal:  Trisha Gallagher 


The Alfred Binet School was originally founded in 1961 as a private school for children having learning disabililties. It became a part of Jefferson County Public Schools in 1979 and changed from LD units to Multiple Handicapped Units. 

The Binet School serves students who have a combination of disabilities that can result in significant learning, developmental, or behavioral problems. Learning for these students is often obstructed by the inability to process and receive information. The Binet School provides successful learning experiences through a highly structured and supportive environment.

The Binet School offers an environmental approach structured to the needs of each student. This includes interation of academic, social, behavioral, physical and cognitive areas. The instructional needs of students aged 5 through 21 are addressed through direct and indirect instructional models that are both individualized and interactive. Instructional techniques and curriculum address needs ranging from readiness to work transition. 

Our Mission
To achieve the goals of maximum integration and functional independence for each student, the Binet School:
  • Provides a structured setting which reduces distractions improves concentrations, and aids in organization, filtering, and generalization of information.
  • Provides a high ratio of staff to student which allows a maximum of individual programming.
  • Provides a team approach by staff ensuring close cooperation, clear understanding and consistent implementation of instructional and behavioral strategies.
  • Fosters a family-like environment by maintaining a small enrollment.
  • Assists in the placement of students for whom this program would be the most appropriate to meet instructional needs as well as assisting in exit and follow-up for students making the transition to other programs.
  • Recognizes sensory deficits which inhibit learning and the need for a total program approach addressing those deficits.
  • Uses instructional methods and materials which may be modified to meet individual student needs, providing progression at a functional level while offering adequate challenge.
  • Provides instruction and related services in areas of education which are needed for the student to achieve final productive independence: community based education, life skills instruction, social skills instruction, and functional academic instruction.
  • Provides crisis intervention by trained staff members.
  • Shares district ECE goals and uses adopted textbooks and ECE curriculum 
  • Provides direct instruction individually or in a small group to assist students in making the transition to community placement anticipated after exit.

For some students, the best opportunity to learn and grow is found in a specially designed setting such as that provided by the Binet School. Such students have a combination of handicapping conditions which produce major learning, development and/or behavioral problems. Their potential for learning is hampered by an inability to process information. The commitment of Binet School is to provide successful learning experiences for those students with multiple handicaps who need a more structured and supportive environment than that which is available in other Jefferson County Public School settings.

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School Data
 Total Enrollment 2015-16 % Teachers with master's degree or higher in 2015-16 
 71  82%